4 Tips from Our House Painters for Choosing the Right Color for Your Rooms

Do you have trouble choosing the right color for your home before hiring house painters? The color scheme is extremely important for your interior house design and you don’t want to make any mistakes when it comes to your house painting. In this article, you’ll find some tips that will guide you to the right color decision.

house-paintersThough the importance of color is often underestimated, it shouldn’t be. Even if you’ve hired some professional house painters, the choice of color is still up to you. Here you’ll find 4 tips which surely will help you:

Test Before Applying
As Barbara Jacobs notes, if you are indecisive in choosing the right colors for a big or important room, you should test it on another room, like a bathroom or a powder room (where the house painting job is usually a little easier). It should be just for a first impression because the colors of the bathroom or powder room may not fit the colors of your targeted room furniture’s colors. Another piece of advice would be to choose a small room where the paint will dry quickly so you’ll be able to see the results sooner (and can easily change your mind if isn’t what you want).

If you don’t have a room where you can test your house painting colors, you can paint boxes, posters, papers, or other things so you can see how the color looks when applied.

See If the Colors are a Good Fit for Your Personality
You shouldn’t choose colors that don’t fit your personality or you’ll risk not liking the final result. If you’re the kind of person who is almost always calm, you should pick some cool or soft colors. If you are the opposite, strong colors are the best for dynamic persons.

An important consideration is that you shouldn’t choose bright colors for your children’s room. Some bright hues can lead to irritability and unrest, or can overstimulate your children.

House painters will give you the best advice for each particular room.

Take Inspiration from Other Rooms
There are a lot of rooms that you can be inspired from. You can copy that color arrangement or you can create your own scheme based on something you’ve seen before. If you can’t visit someone’s house to clearly see some room colors, you can browse pictures on the internet.

If you want to hire painting companies to do the entire work, you can ask them to show you some images from the rooms they have painted before or you can ask some people with good design and painting skills to offer you some advice.

See the Color in the Daylight
There are some reasons why stores usually sell paints or other house painting materials during the day. It’s because:

* The sunlight shows the truest color
* It will dry faster during the day so you can see how it’ll look in the end
* You can see if the color annoys you during the day (this being the principal time when you’ll see the color)

If you need any help with your interior painting project, please give us a call. We are one of the best painting companies serving Fort Collins, CO as well as Loveland, CO, Longmont, CO, Greeley, CO, and all of northern Colorado.

(Image and excerpt from “10 Tips for Picking Paint Colors”)

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