Exterior Painting – How to Choose the Right Colors

Still can’t decide whether to use light or dark hues for your exterior home painting? Here are some tips.

paintingWhat’s the secret to a beautiful home? According to Jackie Craven, your home can give you a good idea about architecture and that there are paint colors that bring emphasis on the character and beauty of a home as well as its architectural details.

How to Start
Start painting with colors presented by your masonry and roof. Know what your roof is made of. Is it made of terracotta? Does it look like shingle or is it asphalt? It could be a combination. Construction materials come in their own distinct colors. To be sure about it, you can ask our exterior home painters in Loveland, CO. When picking colors for exterior house painting, you start with the colors that already exist.

Apply Colors that Complement the Colors Inside and Out
Exterior house painting primary guidelines, as followed by all of our exterior home painters in Longmont, CO, include the use of complementing colors in the interior and exterior of the home. The colors used for painting the exterior of the home should be in perfect harmony with the colors used in the interior of the home. The colors you select must also be in harmony with your surroundings or neighborhood. Extreme contrast should be avoided. It is best to use related colors.

The Use of Dark or Light Colors
Exterior house painting requires careful planning when it comes to choosing colors. Large surfaces basically make the paint color look lighter. Thus, darker shades are recommended for large surfaces. It is best to note that when very deep or bright colors are used in painting, they will eventually fade in time. As the paint ages, the color tends to change as well. A solid, slate gray has a tendency to turn blue or green with the passage of time. To get a better idea how certain color changes after many years or what bright or light colors are more appropriate for your home, you can always ask the advice of our exterior home painters in Greeley, CO.

Accent the Architectural Details
Exterior house painting puts emphasis on the architectural details of the home. The architectural details should be outlined with the use of a certain accent color, contrasting with its background. Darker colors are used for emphasizing shadows while lighter colors are employed for showing projections. What architectural details does your home have? Does it have dentil molding? How about swirls or brackets? Check very carefully if there are architectural details that need to be replaced before painting your home. Our expert exterior home painters based in all of northern Colorado can tell you exactly which ones are in need of replacement.

For more expert advice, consult our exterior home painters in Fort Collins, CO.

(Article excerpt and image from How to Pick Paint Colors for Your House Exterior, About.com Architecture)

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