Interior Painting – Lighting The Way with Color

So you’ve settled on undertaking an interior project in your home but you’re unsure of colors?  Unsure if the color(s) you have in mind are the right colors for setting the mood of the room?  Having trouble deciding between different shades of the same color?  Now could be the time to consult with the interior painting experts in Fort Collins.

choosing interior paint colors fort collinsinterior painting color choicesAlthough most folks don’t think about it, Carol Spier points out that lighting plays such an important role for painting companies in Fort Collins or anywhere else for that matter.  Light must be present in order for colors and different shades to be accurately observed.  In addition, not all sources of light are equal in their effects and thus as the light source changes, the apparent color of whatever you’re viewing will also seem to change in color or shade.

While on your search for the “perfect” color for that room you have in mind, you must keep in mind the light source that is being used to evaluate the color.  So before you shop for paint or think you have that perfect color picked out, have one of our color consultants help you understand the differences that can be seen with differing degrees of light.  Another suggestion is the use of a “light box”, where a color chip of paint is viewed under differing light conditions that are chosen by the person using the “light box”.

The process of selecting a paint color for the various rooms of your home can be challenging at times for a painting company, much less a homeowner who isn’t sure how everything will look once furnished.  The perfect place to evaluate different colors is right where you thought it would be, in the room that is getting the paint application.  That’s why the best method for interior painting testing of various paint colors is by purchasing small sample jars of different colors and shades.  These small jars are inexpensive and worth the extra step involved in assuring yourself that you have chosen that “perfect” color.

And it’s always wise when choosing a paint color to choose two more colors, one a shade lighter than the preferred color choice, and the other a shade darker.  This is a key aspect to making the right choices when it comes to interior painting.  By mixing up a few shades of the same color, seeing how these different colors appear in lighter parts of your home and in darker or recessed areas, the homeowner can get a better indication of how the final color choice will look day and night.

As one of the most well known painting companies in Fort Collins, let the color consultants at Horner Painting help guide you through the process.  We love what we do, and helping customers create their dream room through the proper color selection is part of the process.

(Article excerpt and image from An Expert’s Insight on Choosing the Right Colors, HouseBeautiful)


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