Painting a Fort Collins Home with Energy-Saving yet Stylish Colors lists practical tips to guide the color choices of exterior house paint.

“Similar to your favorite wardrobe style your home has a personality. It can be shaped by the neighborhood, your family lifestyle or the geographic location you live in. Choosing an exterior color should reflect its personality of being stately – with a refined and subdued color palette or it can be young and hip with trendy colors that are out of the box. Determine how you want your home to feel and look and let it guide’s its color personality.”

Aside from matching the home’s personality, making sure that the colors work well with the climate is important in choosing exterior house paint. Painting a Fort Collins home with colors suitable to warm weather yet resilient in erratic precipitations and temperature drops should be a top consideration. However, aesthetics need not be sacrificed.

Painting a Fort Collins Home with Energy-Saving yet Stylish Colors

Generally, light colors are recommended in warm climates. These colors cool homes better as they tend to reflect heat, while darker colors absorb warmth. White and gray are classic choices not only as dominant house paint, but as accents as well. Neutrals like beige and cream are likewise heat-reflectors. Aside from their innate energy-efficient properties, these color picks are called “classic” for a reason – timeless elegance across trends, seasons and generations.

Dullness may be the impression of light or neutral colors, but a few techniques may be used to combat the plainness. Different shades or swatches of the main color can be used for variety. Bold accents can be added for additional curb appeal. For instance, if the roof is a gray color, the siding can be painted a white dove, while the window frames, shutters, and door can be colored an unexpected red.

Careful planning of paint colors for the house exterior is important. Professional house painting consultants, such as Fort Collins Painting Consultants, and painters in Fort Collins and other Colorado areas may be hired. With expert guidance and execution, the colors of your house exterior can naturally enliven the look of your property.

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