Painting Like A Pro: Tips from Our House Painting Contractors

With the right house painting contractors, we can surely achieve our dream home in no time. Get tips on house painting only from the pros!

House painting contractors are one of the most important assets in building or renovating your home. Their main job is to amplify the beauty of your home by blending the right colors and hue of the interiors as well as the outdoors.

However, some homeowners would find it costly to hire several painters to get the project done. Thus, they would prefer searching for helpful tips on outdoor and interior house painting to save on costs. This article will discuss some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tips as cited by DIY experts on Stack Exchange. Let’s start the DIY painting project 101!

The goal of this article is to open your mind to the dos and don’ts in handling interior house painting projects on a budget that will not break your bank. Some house painting contractors would appreciate it if you already have the idea in mind and let them do the execution. However, it is a whole lot better if you are hands-on in the whole project and consider yourself as one of the house painters.

Interior home painting is never easy. It needs thorough planning from the materials to utilize up to its execution. DIY tips for aspiring painters include:

Remove Faceplates and Fixtures
To ensure even painting for your home, it is recommended that you first start removing faceplates, such as your outlet covers, and light fixtures. Painters will seal outlets and switches using tapes, or wrap it using a plastic bag so paint won’t get through it.

Prepare Ahead of Time
As quoted from Stack Exchange, PPPPP (Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Painting) must be applied in interior home painting. Before starting the project, you have to ensure that surfaces are clean and dry. We suggest using sandpaper to eliminate flakes of old paint and filling any cracks to even out the surface.

Wrap Brushes with a Protective Covering
Proper care must be administered to the brushes so you won’t need to keep on buying new ones in between coats. As much as possible, use one brush for each color  and never leave the brush sitting in thinner. Use plastic Ziploc bags if possible to seal the brushes.

Handy Rags
Secure rags in your pockets while interior home painting. House painting contractors use this technique to ensure that unnecessary drips during the project can be readily attended to using solvent-filled rags.

Using a Primer
House painting contractors prefer to use primer on concrete and wood. Painters emphasize the use of primer if the material is impossible to be cleaned or if transitioning to light colors from an existing dark color.

Choose the Right Materials
House painting contractors remind owners to invest in materials like brushes and paints of only the highest quality. This is to ensure even application and longer lasting paint jobs.

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(Image and excerpt from Ten Tips for Painting Your Home)

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