Surface Preparation for Your Exterior Home Painting Project

Exterior home painting is not an easy task. There are some general processes you must follow to do exterior painting correctly. Choose a painting company that will treat the job as though they were painting their own house.

Exterior home painting will change the outlook of your house. Sometimes, a whole paint job is not necessary. You can maintain and improve the appearance of your home with some regular maintenance and some quick repairs. Preparing the surface is the most important thing before painting the house. Late spring is the best time for exterior home painting as it is not too sunny.

“How to Paint a House”, an article by Dan Ramsey, shows all the necessary facts you should consider before painting the house.

exterior-home-paintingIf your home exterior is in good condition, then all you need before doing exterior home painting is a nice wash. You can use a hose to wash it down. A scrub brush and soapy water may be needed to wash the dirt off. A power washer can wash away all the dirt and loose paint. If you don’t have a power washer, then you have to prepare the surface with your hand, which is tiring a hard work.

Thorough surface preparation will make the paint job last longer. First of all, start with examining the whole exterior of the house. You should also examine the wall around the windows and doors. Look for popped nails, split shingles, and loose paint. After identifying the problems, you can start your surface preparation work.

There are some steps for preparing the surface. Scraping is the most important of them all. Use a brush and putty knife to remove all the loose paint areas. A wire brush attachment on an electric drill will make the removal job much easier for you. A sharp pull scraper is also very useful to reduce your effort.

You can use sandpaper for smoothing the edges. Wrap the sandpaper around a wood block. Use an electrical sander for larger areas. Move it down over and over again to smooth rough edges and to remove old paint.

You can use liquid paint removers as your last option, they are very effective for surface preparation, but they are very expensive.

For heavy paint removal, you can use a melting process by applying heat. An electronic paint remover will apply heat on heavy paint deposits and will melt it down.

After the preparation, you have to wash the house with a hose. A clean and dirt free surface is very crucial in exterior paint work. You should choose the right painting company for your exterior home painting project.

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(Image and excerpt from “How to Paint a House”)

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