How to Identify and Hire the Best Painters in Your Town

When you want to get your house painted, the most important decision is to find the best painters who will do the job in a professional and effective manner. Once you hire a professional, you will not have to worry about the work to be done. A good and professional one will provide you with best house painting services at an affordable price. Benjamin Moore store discusses some tips and tricks to find and hire the best painters and the right painting contractor for your needs.

best paintersWe serve Fort Collins, CO as well as Loveland, CO, Longmont, CO, Greeley, CO, and all of northern Colorado. Following these tips, you will not regret your final choice after the job has been completed.

Get Referrals from Acquaintances
The first and foremost step to locate the best painters is to ask your friends, neighbors and other acquaintances in your area who have some experience with house painting services done by contractors.

Inquire about the Service Charges
Once you get the info about different contractors in your area, inquire about the services they would provide and the price range for each task.
There are further inquiries that you need to keep in mind. You must ask the following questions from the shortlisted contractors:

* For how long have you been providing house painting services?
* Are you working with a national or local painting contractors’ agency?
* Do you further subcontract your task to some other person or you do it yourself?
* Can you provide any reference?
* Can we have a written guarantee about the completion and the quality of the work done?
* What products and tools do you use?
* Have you got an insurance and bonding liable to injury?
* Have you got proper licensing for painting contracts?

Discuss Your House Painting Ideas with the Person of Your Choice 
Naturally, you want to get the final looks of your house just as you imagined it would be. For this purpose, you have to discuss your ideas with the painting contractor along with the areas to be painted, both the interior and exterior, paint colors and finishes. Also, discuss those aspects of painting services which might affect the overall cost of the project.

Observe the Behavior of the Contractor
It is very important to have a personal meeting with your chosen contractor and observe his behavior, including his professionalism and experience. You must pay attention to see if the person is on time for appointments. He must be courteous and businesslike. He should provide estimates about the pricing and a time frame for the completion of the project in a professional way.

Look Out for the References
When you have a list of the best painters, narrow it down to two to three persons. Try to speak to different customers of the painting contractors for a feedback. You should also visit their places in person. If possible, observe the quality of the work done by the specific contractor.

Particulars of the Contract
Once you decide upon a painting contractor, you should make a written contract with him about the details of the project and the estimates and pricing of the task. Do a review of the contract and make sure you are clarified about the particulars.

If you follow these steps, you will definitely get the best painters for a job done in a well-mannered and timely manner.

(Image and Excerpt from How to Find and Hire the Right Painting Contractor)