Preparing for Exterior Home Painting

When your house needs exterior home painting, there’s plenty of preparation work to be done. Some house painters need only wash their house before taking the paint to the house’s exterior. Others have such a big job ahead of them that it makes the most sense to hire a team of professional house painters, instead of taking the job on themselves.


Wash House and Identify Problem Areas

The first thing house painters should do when preparing your house for exterior painting is wash the surfaces that will need to be painted. This gives you an opportunity to examine your home for any places that need to be repaired before you begin painting, as well as providing a clean foundation to paint on.

Use a garden hose and a carwash brush attachment for the larger areas, and a sponge or scrub brush for caked-on dirt, or use a pressure washer to handle the whole job, if you have one available to you.

The next part of your preparation for house painting services, is to thoroughly examine the whole house exterior.  You will need to examine the walls, window and door frames, along your foundation. You will be looking for signs of anything that should be fixed before your exterior home painting can begin, including:

  • Popped nails
  • Rust stains
  • Blistering or peeling paint
  • Mold and mildew
  • Split siding and shingles

Pressure Washers

There are several benefits to using pressure washers, including:

  • They will remove the loose paint for you
  • They work quickly
  • They require little or no scrubbing

If you’ve never used a pressure washer before, read the safety instructions thoroughly, because they are very powerful. If you are too close to your wall, they could knock you over, or ruin your siding. Don’t use them from a ladder until you are very comfortable with their use.

Reset Any Popped Nails & Remove Rust

While washing your house to prepare for your exterior home painting, you may have revealed loose nails, or stains from rusty nail heads. Using steel wool, remove rust from the nail heads, and hammer them back into the wall. Dab a touch of rust-inhibiting primer to the nail head, and let that dry. Then, fill the nail hole with putty, and allow that to dry, before sanding the area.

If you use flat head nails, there won’t be a recess in the wood, where you have nailed it in. In this case, sand the nail head until it is very shiny.

Remove any other rust with a rust-removing solution.

Strip Any Blistered or Peeling Paint

If you don’t have a pressure washer, you will have to manually strip loose or blistering paint from the walls, using any combination of the following, according to package instructions:

  • Wire brush and putty knife, for scraping smaller areas
  • A sharp pull scraper (strips old paint all the way to the wood with one scrape)
  • Sand paper, or an electric sander, for smoothing edges
  • Electric paint remover

Priming the Walls

Once you are done stripping the paint, you can use a good exterior home painting primer, to finish preparing the walls.

Professional House Painting Services

With all of the preparation work, the difficulty level, and the desired outcome, you may wish to call for our professional house painting services. We serve Fort Collins, CO as well as Loveland, CO, Longmont, CO, Greeley, CO, and all of northern Colorado.